Medical & Emergency

Medical & Emergency

New Medical Centre

A New and upgraded medical centre has been established on a new site. New Medical Centre comprises of separate furnished and well equipped room for male medical officer, Female Medical Officer and Duty Medical Officer (DMO). Moreover there is state of the art 2 bedded treatment for the sick passengers as well CAA Employees. A detention room equipped with all necessary equipments including Automated Defibrillator, Nebulizer, Glucometer and Suction unit. All rooms having latest facilities and maintained in the best possible manner.
Medical & Emergency


Functions at Airport

• To administer Health management at airport.
• To check and restore sanitation of the area within and around the Airport.
• To provide First Aid round the clock (medical emergency coverage and in any disaster situation).
• To provide curative treatment to Federal Govt. Employees functioning at Airport.
• To check every international flight for yellow fever vaccination and other communicable diseases.
• To provide yellow fever and meningitis vaccination to passengers and all Hajj passengers during Hajj season.
• To provide all preventive measures for cleanliness of food & water etc. also checking of VVIPS food & medical coverage to Excellencies.

Health counters are available in international arrival before immigration counters which are regularly managed during international flights. CAA DMO is also available round the clock to meet any kind of medical emergency.

Contact Numbers:

Dr. Shahid Afridi: +9291-9213341
Dr. Omar Amir: +9291-9213341
Medical & Emergency
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