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Pakistan Railway

Railway Reservation

Office: Cantt Road Peshawar Sadder
Name: Mr. Ali Muhammad Afridi
TEL: +9291-9210687, +9291-9201075
FAX: +9291-9210691
Website: www.pakrail.com

Flight Information Centre

Flight Information Centre

Passengers / Meeter / Greeter can get valuable information from our flight enquiry. Flight Schedule is available in the Flight Information Centre and passenger can get required information round the clock through window or telephone.

Flight Enquiry No. 114 & 091-9211525 (Ext. 3034/3091)

Flight Information Display System

Flight Information Display

Information on flight schedules Electronic Boards are available at the Entrance of Departure and Arrival Halls. Additionally there are LCD Monitors installed in lounges area for flight information. These LCD Monitors and FIDS boards provide guidance to passengers/meeters-greeters about the current status of Arrival/Departure of flight Schedule.

Lost Baggage

As soon as passenger notices that his baggage is mishandled or has not been arrived on the same flight, He has to contact Airline Baggage Lost and Found Services.

Foreign Travel Tax

This tax is applicable only on the tickets purchased in Pakistan for International travel and is charged at a fixed rate of Rs. 1500/-. This is Government tax charged by Airlines.


Other Facilities

TV, Newspapers and magazines, Local Telephone, Fare (LOCAL) and Free Internet, Free Wifi at all area of airport, Free mobile charger facility inside lounges.

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